L+ Architects

Residential Architecture

We excel in creating intelligent architecture for modern luxury homes. Incorporating creative designs for gardens and interiors into specialised solutions for the critical problems of a modern lifestyle.

Standing Out In A Crowded Space

It’s so much more than drawing. Our top consultants and designers consider beauty and creativity, as well as the range of technical challenges that need to be integrated in your living space. Heating systems, sustainability goals, efficient energy usage, AV systems, internet access, electrical charging points, insulation, acoustics, ventilation, and more.

A Natural Connection

We put wellbeing at the centre of our designs. Using biophilic principles to create spaces that are harmonious with the surrounding natural environment.

The Biophilia Hypothesis argues that the human need to connect with our surroundings is not simply an aesthetic preference, but an innate need. Just the same as the air we breathe.

Contacting L+Architects

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