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Husband and wife team, Pablo Lambrechts and Lindsey Webster, founded L+ Architects in 2018 to fulfil their vision of crafting biophilic, sustainable and high-quality design.

Pablo brings a wealth of experience from his days as the Principal Architect at an international practice, where he led on many iconic designs including the Google headquarters in Kings Cross. His expertise spans commercial, as well as high-end residential architecture for big name clients.

Meanwhile, Lindsey enjoyed a flourishing career working in gardening teams for the BBC and Time Warner, before setting up her own garden design practice and qualifying as a landscape architect.

Together, they marry their corporate background, big practice ethos and technical expertise, with the bespoke customer service of an agile, boutique, family-run studio, to bring your dream projects to life.

Why Choose Us

Embarking on a new construction project can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Whether you’re making renovations to your home, or heading up a large-scale development.

Expert Hands

At L+ Architects, our team’s breadth of experience – working across hundreds of top-quality and iconic projects – means we know exactly how to guide you through every step of the journey.

We bring individual qualities, skills and creativity to every space. Working with our clients to realise the full extent of their vision. And going beyond to include special details you never knew were possible.

A Personal Approach

Our team guarantees the highest levels of care, communication and transparency throughout the entire process. So you are always up to date with every aspect of your project’s progress.

Buildings That Live And Breathe

Moreover, our focus on biophilic architecture will ensure your finished space connects you to the world outside your windows. With functional, liveable and harmonious designs that harness natural shapes and forms to promote wellness  inside and out.

Contacting L+Architects

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