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Every project that we create is unique and bespoke to each client. We understand that this may be your first experience of working with an architect.

We have listed the FAQs based on questions that we are often asked but we would also be delighted to answer any further questions you may have.

How much will my design cost?

L+ Architects can give an estimated outline cost once your brief is fully developed and we have looked at the complexities of the site and the level of finish required. From our experience, we can outline the costs of construction based on other similar spaces and the current cost of construction per square metre. If you need total cost certainty, we can involve a Quantity Surveyor as
early as Stage 3 Detailed Design or get expressions of interest from local contractors who can give an outline price. This allows us to do any value engineering to the drawings prior to technical design as work after phase 4 would involve additional costs. To find out more about how our fees work, check out our fees document.

The L+ Work Process

0: Initial Meeting

During our first meeting, L+ Architects will have carried out initial desktop research and discuss their preliminary ideas with you and your vision for the project. You will have sent us a brief and we will look carefully at this and discuss this with you further. This is a ZOOM meeting and lasts 30 minutes.

Timescales: scheduled within 7 working days

1: Feasibility Report

The next step is to schedule a Feasibility Study site visit with the team, this will be followed by a Feasibility Report which outlines all the different options for your site or space.

Timescale: 7-10 working days

2: Survey and Concept Design

Here we liaise with an external surveyor who indicates the key points for consideration, these include land and exterior spaces for the photographic survey. This informs a 3D model of the existing building and our proposed ideas and helps develop the brief. 

Timescale: 7-15 working days

3: Design development and planning

Based on your chosen ideas we will develop your design from the Feasibility Study and liaise with a planning consultant to create and submit your application to planning.

Timescales 10-15 days

Detailed design

After the planning application has been approved, we consult a quantity surveyor to assist clients with defining the cost of the project.

Timescales : 4- 6 weeks


Using our knowledge and expertise, we compile a concise list of contractors for you to select from.

Timescales: 5-15 days can run concurrently with end of no.5

The Build

Once construction has begun, we act as your on-site agent to monitor progress, review applications for payment and ensure time scales are adhered to.

 Timescale; between 4 months and 2 years: meetings when critical aspects of design as agreed with the contractor.


Once construction is completed our relationship with you continues to ensure all aspects of your project areas you imagined.

Timescales: If required to be agreed. You can pick any or all stages of the quotation. We offer a range of service coverage from full to middle to a basic service.

Stages 0-3: Costs start from £3000 for a simple loft design and £5000 for an extension. We can offer a fixed price package up for jobs up to £200,000 (‘small’ works’) or until stage 4 technical design when we get more cost certainty.

Planning support: once this is submitted to planning, we offer feedback and support: £160

Stage 4 Technical Design: this is where we can really make a difference and these drawings allow detailed design and building regulation drawings.  From £8000 for larger, more complex projects we charge a %

Submission to tender with contractors: £400

Stages 5-6 Contract Administration:  This is where L+ Architects look at the project whilst under construction at critical stages, agreed with the contractor, to verify that the design is being built to the architects’ specifications and that when payments are made by the client that those stages are reached. We also check that the project is progressing in a timely manner. Our expertise should avoid the pitfalls many come across and a good architect will earn his fees several times over. From £5000

Stage 7 Handover: we are always available to speak with you about any aspects of your project after completion. We charge on a time basis for this.

Charge on time basis

It is always worth remembering that an architect is engaged by the client for the client and our knowledge and experience can mean that many potential expensive mistakes can be avoided.

Planning FAQ

Do you ‘know’ the planners?

For many years now, planning departments no longer allow free access to anybody and had a high turnover of graduate students meaning that planning officers in some boroughs can change frequently. Our prior knowledge and expertise can inform many clients of precedents and likely success: we also use an in-house planning officer who was previously a manager of a planning
department to cut through red tape. Additionally, our knowledge of sustainability and eco-architecture all add not only to the beauty of the project but also to the demands being made for low or no carbon buildings.

We also design very high-quality designs which the planners are looking for in both urban and suburban and country settings.

Conservation Areas:

here again, our experience and expertise allow us to get the most from your brief and budget. We usually advise a strategy that will give you success and allow your project to move forward.

Grade 1 or 11 Heritage Buildings

We have a great deal of experience in obtaining planning for these buildings and work with a specialist conservation planner. We are also members of the Georgian Society and we can replicate many traditional methods by having access to their vast digital library.

 Struggling to get planning? We can help.

L+ Architects have a network of consultants and expert architects that we can mobilise to help with any awkward or unusual sites and to go to appeal. We try not to get to this stage ourselves as this can take 6 months or more, but we can certainly help you with appeals.

Stage 4 : Technical Drawings and other services

We have concept drawings from a designer, but the contractor needs technical ones: can you help?

Yes, we can provide a set of technical drawings and we can also provide contract administration. As per the RIBA code of conduct, we would meet with your old designer and check everything with them. Stage 4 is also known as ‘Executive Architecture’ and is very time consuming and intense: there is little client involvement as it is the architects working out all design information to manufacture and deconstruct the project.

My budget is low but I need extra space: what can I do?

We love designing but there are minimum budgets that we know are realistic to do certain extensions.

Why should we use your services?

L+ Architects not only produce innovative and practical contemporary designs, but our expertise allows us to add a lot of value to areas that a client would not necessarily see or think about. This myriad of professional thought allows us to maximise the space’s performance such as heating, drainage, acoustics, performance, sustainability, future-proofing and design ‘extras’ such as concealed blinds. These tiny details will make your project extra special. Additionally, our years of experience can inform you as to which sustainable methods will be the most cost-effective for your project and we can also co-ordinate other specialist consultants with the contractors such as AV systems and heating.

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