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Our Interiors are elegant and refined. Our experienced team of designers and technicians will seamlessly translate the architectural expression of the outside of your house to the inside living space.

And with a little black book of trusted suppliers and consultants, our industry knowledge will contribute as much as possible. While full transparency and constant communication mean you’ll always be up to date with your project, avoiding inconvenient surprises along the way.


Caroline Fansa, L+Living

Caroline Fansa, who heads the team, fashions interiors with considerable creative flair and a deep understanding of a client brief. This allows her to weave your personalised choices throughout your home: she creates a careful atmosphere of colours; textures and Noble materials, which enables the client to experience different moods and ambience even from the same spaces at different times of the day.

Caroline works closely with L+ Architects to ensure that there is continuity of design expression and a coherence of materials throughout the space, from flooring to soft furnishings, creating a harmony that is rare to find and precious to keep, and tailor-made for you.

L+ Living craft interior biophilic spaces, connecting people with nature, through both our senses and physicality with the use of ambient lighting, natural and noble materials, sustainable furniture and textures, patterns and shapes.

We tell stories through the spirit of the place, arranging the spaces with different moods and atmospheres. The clarity of the design comes from a series of events and processes that create a logic and a clarity to the layout.

Contact L+Living

Reach out to us for an initial discussion. The journey begins with a chemistry meeting to discuss your project with our design team.

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