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I was introduced to L+ Architects by mutual friends who knew I was going to need my hand held throughout my proposed building project. L+ Architects has been extraordinarily helpful in the planning process.

We are the only people on our road to have been granted permission for an external staircase and balcony, along with a side return and rear extension. We thought it was an impossible ask and were prepared to compromise but L+ Architects dealt with the council in an incredibly informed, professional, friendly, and persistent manner.

They advised us to do a pre-planning application and very cleverly asked for a couple of changes to the property beyond our remit. These were denied as expected but it meant we really did get granted everything we wanted when it went to planning. They already had a dialogue with the planning team and they realised that L+ Architects was willing to work with them, to change certain things, while still absolutely maintaining the integrity, style and look of the building.

Ms J B

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