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Custom Made Kitchens for a Contemporary Home

How custom made kitchens can enhance practical function and add aesthetic value.

Written by: Eliza Palos, L+Architects

The kitchen is the central hub of any home. In this beating heart, the kitchen brings people together to share their love for cooking, bond over meals, spend quality family time, socialise, and celebrate special occasions. Creating a personalised, custom-made kitchen is often the desire of many of our clients. At L+ Architects, we carefully design spaces according to each unique home’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

In the past year, at L+Architects, we have observed increased demand for custom-designed kitchens. Apart from the beauty and satisfaction of a bespoke kitchen, a designer can be ingenious in their plans and include bespoke features such as a charging cupboard for electronic devices, roll-down shutters over cupboards to neaten the kitchen of appliances when not in use, bespoke shelves, and cupboards where there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Spiral wine cellars, safes, and more functional ideas like instant boiling, cold & sparkling water taps with water softening facilities.

Custom haberdashery style kitchen for Richmond Palace by Yeo Design in solid walnut featuring marble work surfaces, curved glass & ribbed panels.
Credit: Richard Rothmore Photography.

Function Meets Form
From a functional point of view, a bespoke kitchen offers the advantage of maximising the existing space. Difficult spaces can be transformed reflecting the home and its occupier. There is more freedom in aligning the design with the specific needs of the people by integrating elements like movable islands, adjustable shelving, and convertible workspaces.

Above: The custom made island for Richmond Palace features a curved glass unit door that respects the architectural language of the house.
Credit: Richard Rothmore Photography.

Visual and Spatial Results
The aesthetic value of a property can be increased by designing a unique structure that complements the overall design. With a custom kitchen, the designer and the client have complete control over the style and finish they want to achieve.

Incorporating a unique structure into a property can become a captivating focal point, leaving a lasting impression on visitors or potential buyers. This adds aesthetic value and serves as a conversation piece, making the property more memorable and distinct in the real estate market.

Above: Smart technology integrated sensitively into the heritage features for Richmond Palace.
Credit: Richard Rothmore Photography.

A Complete Smart Home
A custom kitchen gives us the maximum potential to integrate smart technology into our clients’ homes. The popularity of smart refrigerators, built-in ovens, and advanced lighting systems is increasing. They enhance the cooking experience, and a custom design allows for the seamless integration of these features.

Budget Control
We work closely with a Quantity Surveyor who can keep a keen eye on the overall cost of a custom-made kitchen. To date, we have found that this approach allows our clients to get a competitive budget.

By using a qualified interior architect to plan your space, we can also ensure that the overall design strategy and philosophy permeates throughout the home. All the home detailing, maximising the space and its efficiency, and integrating and coordinating the design with the general construction drawings for the contractor making this a seamless exercise.

Above: Beautiful joinery using solid Walnut built bespoke by Yeo Designs.
Credit: Richard Rothmore Photography.

Sustainable Designs
There is immense value in prioritising sustainable and environmentally friendly designs, mainly if it aligns with the homeowner’s values. Below are a few suggestions for design elements for a sustainable custom-made kitchen:

Our L+ LIVING interior architecture service allows homeowners to infuse their personality and taste into the heart of their home whilst retaining control of their specific needs. With custom-designed kitchens, homeowners can, under the expert guidance of the designers, retain control over selecting materials and colours, as well as being able to optimise layout and functionality. This control ensures that the kitchen reflects the client’s unique style and preferences, enhancing the property’s overall appeal.

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