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In conversation with Pablo

L+ Architects is defined by a strong vision to create innovative and inspiring designs intertwining Biophilic Design into every project. We spoke with Pablo, to find out more about the background of our Founder and how L+ Architects came to be…

Tell us about your background?

Ever since I was a little boy I have passionately wanted to design. My family had a large construction company in Uruguay at the time and so I grew up among architects and engineers, making it natural to study architecture. This path was followed by my little sister Gaby, who also works with me. After we graduated, we started Lambrechts-Bertinat Architects, where very quickly we won competitions to design prestigious projects like a Catholic Church and the HQ of the Uruguayan Coastguard in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay. This is where we developed our research on materiality and contextual approach as design tools and started incorporating biophilic design principles into our works. Unfortunately, the Argentinian Great Depression of 1999-2001 meant that like a significant amount of the population in Uruguay and Argentina, we had to close our businesses and we became financial immigrants. I moved to the UK, while my sister moved to Mexico and then later to Spain, and we had to start from scratch again with us both retaking part of our studies.

Since I arrived in the UK, I have been fortunate to work as the Principal Architect for a ‘star’ French architect directing his London HQ for 11 years, where I was the lead designer for the current Google HQ at Kings Cross as well as designing ultra high-end residences in Mauritius and the South of France. I opened L+ Architects in 2019 with my wife Lindsey, a Landscape Architect, and my sister Gaby in Almeria. We have since opened a studio in Richmond and now have 7 members of staff.

Why Architecture?

Architecture is a multi-disciplinary subject and never ceases to fascinate, intrigue and inspire me. I love the juxtaposition between form, light, textures and materials and achieving a quality of the space through clean and functional designs, which in my view creates the harmony of space and a sense of wellbeing that defines our work.

Who inspired you?

I have been inspired by the brick shells and forms of Eladio Trieste and the way he turned such a harsh material into undulating forms of strength and beauty. By using the colour, shape and texture to define and create such beautiful forms of waves and more importantly integrating a social dimension to the design, his work is a true inspiration for me.

Do you have a favourite quote?

‘’Creativity is intelligence having fun’’ – Albert Einstein
Something built into the very core of how we work as a team here at L+ Architects.

What would you tell your younger self?

To trust your inner core and enjoy the journey. This got me through any obstacles I faced in my early career and truly defines who I am today.

Which building would you love to have built?

Falling Water House, by the one and only Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is the epitome of “organic architecture,” Fallingwater’s design symbolises the harmony between people and nature. This dialogue between nature and man, is incorporated into each of our designs and we strive to blur the distinctions between the man-made and the natural world.

What do you see for the future of Architecture in London?

I think London has a tremendous mix of the old and the new and the juxtaposition of forms patched with green areas with such a high density of trees that can be considered as urban forests. My concerns are for High Streets and City Centres as these are important urban communication points and we need to rethink the future of these. We need to bring more greenery into the city centre in vertical form and create more wildlife and green corridors linking parks and commons.

What does sustainability and eco-architecture mean to you?

With our current climate challenges, it’s important that sustainability becomes a central focus for creative people and is incorporated into everything they do. We do need Political help to achieve this, and the RIBA is working closely with architects and the Government to help achieve these goals, which, in my view, would need to be initially subsidised.

L+ Architects

L+ Architects is a biophilic, design-led studio that wants to design a greener world by intertwining the natural elements into commercial and residential buildings.

With our innovative approach through modern methods of construction, we provide our clients with awe-inspiring, future-proof designs which are cost-effective.

At L + Architects we want to ensure best practice in every aspect of our approach. Talk to us today about your next project – office@lplusarchitects.com

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