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Home Gym: ‘The Escape’ Richmond-Upon-Thames

Home Gym Solutions

The easiest solution would be to create this space on the ground floor level as the equipment can be cumbersome and heavy and noisy, although a more complex solution could be found if locating upstairs was the only option, it may require reinforcement of floors and soundproofing.

Garage Gyms

Garages usually have a floor built to withstand the weight of a car so this would be a good potential solution. The position of the garage will also minimise noise to the rest of the house, and additional acoustic solutions such as a soundproof door will further help with this. Additionally, you may be able to build under permitted development, although we would always advise a certificate of lawful development from the local authority and building regulations will always need to be adhered to.

Get your Home Gym in order and stay healthy

Garden Room Gyms

For an existing garden room, you would have to consider whether the walls and floors are suitably strong for such equipment. Ideally, you would also need water for a toiler/shower and electricity and lighting are a must.

A new build garden gym

The most exciting proposition would be to create a contemporary new build gym in the garden, like ‘The Escape’ created in a garden in Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey. The design of this building could be modern and as most likely it is in full view of the main house, careful design here is crucial, with the language of the architecture echoing and complementing the main house. At L+ Architects we echo not only the language of architecture but also, we bring the outside in: this is done through careful mood lighting such as through Phos lighting and Buster and Punch.

You should build your gym around your fitness goals and we can advise you how to make the most of this. Getting ambient lighting and air quality are also crucial to health and wellbeing, complimented with a state-of-the-art sound system. To relax, a small sauna could easily incorporate.

For the outside, we would look at bringing the outside-in and do planting and angles to ensure both privacy and tranquillity as well as a green roof and natural drainage system.

For flooring, walls, and ceiling we would look at micro-cement as this material gives a concrete finish. Heating is underfloor as this gives off a gentle, ambient heat and if going for a workout you do not want to wait for the building to be heated. Heating and cooling should also have a way of being controlled quickly, such as an additional air conditioning/heating unit as body temperatures change quickly whilst working out.

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