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The Biophilic Principles

Originally put forward by one of America’s greatest biologists, Edward O. Wilson, in 1984, the Biophilia Hypothesis argues that humans have an intrinsic need to connect with nature. Not simply an aesthetic preference, but a physical requirement for connection, much like breathing air or drinking water.

However, through recent studies of human evolution and our development in natural environments – such as the savannah – scholars have come to understand that this connection to nature is still encoded in our brains. After all, it is only in recent human history that we have begun to live in urban settings. While for millennia our immediate environment dictated our survival.

Meanwhile on a biological level, our human sensory organs and systems have evolved to respond to natural geometries. Characterised by colours, fractals, scaling and complex symmetries.

Architecture for wellness

Using biophilia to guide us, we are now able to create spaces that fulfil this innate need to connect with our environment, both in public and within our homes. Incorporating areas with greenery, plenty of light, water features, natural acoustics, materials and textures.

And at L+ Architects, we harness these biophilic principles to promote harmony and restoration through our designs. Allowing people to not only exist in their space, but to thrive.



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